Elmy's Special Services

Social Services

Elmy's Special Services in New York City provides services to people with disabilities and their families and carers. Elmy's has been working to better the lives of families and people for almost two decades. It began by assisting low-income immigrant families that faced language and cultural barriers in accessing social services. Elmy's Special Services now serves a considerably larger clientele due to this development.

Elmy's Special Services collaborates with the community to provide programs that help adults attain greater freedom and dignity while giving children more opportunities to grow in their natural environments. Elmy's provides a range of activities and services to help clients and their families achieve these goals. These programs and services foster social contact, intellectual stimulation, therapeutic exercises, and a feeling of belonging to the larger community for everyone involved. Some of the services provided are listed below.

Early intervention programs may aid those with disabilities under the age of three. The program aims to help these youngsters develop and mature in meaningful ways. Elmy's Special Services creates a treatment plan for each child who gets early intervention services. A child born in New York City has a developmental or physical impairment (such as cerebral palsy or Down syndrome), is between the ages of 0 and 3, and lives in the city is considered eligible.

Elmy's Special Services offers in-home care for people with impairments, enabling them to live independently. Every client's scenario is unique and requires a different amount of assistance. First, the patient and/or his/her family should get a doctor's referral for home care. Then, Elmy's Special Services intake nurses will come to the client's house to decide which services, equipment, supplies, and medicines will benefit them and their family members the most. Because home care services are part of an individual care plan, they may be changed in response to changing needs.

Elmy's Special Services provides after-school services such as homework support, socializing opportunities, and various pleasant activities. Participants in this after-school program must be at least six years old and have a developmental disability. Each client's treatment plan includes homework and IEP goals. In addition, people often visit their local public library to read, write, play games, do crafts, and celebrate other important events.

People with disabilities who utilize day habilitation services may mingle with others in the community. Every weekday between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., consumers may participate in volunteer work, social events, and employment-related programs. In addition, Elmy's Special Services offers daily transportation to and from the institution.

Participants in Elmy's Special Services community habilitation programs learn the skills necessary to live independently and stay in their communities. We develop a unique treatment plan for each individual with input from the patient's loved ones and healthcare professionals. Home visits, community trips, and lessons on money management, housekeeping, personal hygiene, and safety are all part of the curriculum. Clients also look for potential job prospects.

Elmy's Special Services residential services help people with developmental disabilities to live freely. The apartments try to keep inhabitants as self-sufficient as possible while enabling them to engage fully in society. Personnel working in residential settings consider their customers' wants and needs and offer fun and friendly activities. These highly trained employees also handle daily cooking, shopping, and cleaning.

Elmy's Special Services respite program enables Brooklyn caregivers to take a break from caring for a disabled family member. Families must take time apart to do errands, vacation, or take a mental health break. Elmy's offers care inside and outside the home throughout holidays and long weekends.

Elmy's Special Services provides summer camps for children with special needs, where they may meet new people, participate in new activities, and learn to be self-sufficient. The fundamental aim of these activities is a character, social, and emotional development, as well as the ability to make decisions. Throughout the school year, Elmy's offers daily transportation to and from camp for students.

These are just a few instances of what Elmy's Special Services can do. Everyone, regardless of age or disability, can grow and capitalize on opportunities. Employees at Elmy's Special Services think this. The organization that services the area treats people of all colours, faiths, and sexual orientations with the utmost respect.